A comparison of the novels like water for chocolate and the house of the spirits

Hardison Certified Educator In Like Water for Chocolate and in House of the Spirits, the idea of power is expressed in one way through the themes of victim and victimization, justice and injustice and the mutual themes of sex roles and love and passion. In the case of sex roles, power is limited by sex role for females and embedded in sex roles for males. For example, in Like Water for Chocolate,Tita is confined by her mother

A comparison of the novels like water for chocolate and the house of the spirits

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Arena Forbidden Love is a topic that has been used extensively throughout history to create dramatic plots and cause conflict for the characters within them. Usually such a situation causes many hardships as well as joys for the characters involved, and helps to define them.

These stories are drastically affected as a result of these prohibited desires and the authors use a variety of language and events to convey the sense of this topic to the reader.

The authors of my two novels of choice, use this theme to create complicated and compelling plots. The novel, House of the Spirits, is an epic story of a Peruvian family caught in the difficult times surrounding the revolution.

It is filled with rich and complex characters, that are challenged and tested every step of their lives and it is through these conflicts that we are able to gain a deeper understanding of them. The conflict I have chosen to focus on is that of forbidden love, and perhaps the most prevalent example of this theme is seen in the characters of Blanca and Pedro.

Blanca is the daughter of Esteban Trueba, a rich and powerful tyrant who owns the Hacienda where Pedro works. The times in which this story is set, were very class orientated, this already creates a gap between the two; Pedro is a poor farmer, Blanca is part of a rich and respected family, so their love is forbidden by the very society in which they live.

The second barrier to this young couple arises when Esteban banishes Pedro from the hacienda and forbids Blanca to see him. The issues created by this conflict are present throughout the novel and serve to drive the plot and develop the characters involved.

The story of these two lovers adds to the complexity and romance of the story as a whole. Clara is the wife of the previously mentioned Esteban Trueba, and Ferula is his sister, merely stating the roles of these characters creates a string of reasons why their love should be prohibited.

However this love is not mutual, it is only felt by Ferula, who at first cared for and loved Clara as a sister, then later develops feelings somewhat more unusual. The author uses this conflict to further separate Ferula from her brother and expose her true nature, we can see evidence of this in the following extract taken from the book.

It is through using this situation that the author reveals to us the real character of Ferula, who was, before then, portrayed as a selfless, holy being. The second novel I have studied which shows evidence of this theme is titled Like Water For Chocolate. This tale is set within the same time frame as House of the Spirits, during the Mexican revolutions of It is set around the lives of Tita De LaGarza and her large, heavily traditional family.

From their very first encounter, passions are ignited for one another and burn strongly throughout the entire storyhowever this love is not without its obstacles.

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While in House of the Spirits the author uses forbidden love as a tool to develop her story, the author of Like Water For Chocolate centers her entire story around this theme, using it in full effect to create a dramatic, passionate tale.

The author uses these hardships to grow and develop the protagonists character, causing her to rebel against the strict traditions that bind her, to break free from the controlling Mama Elena.

This theme of forbidden love throughout the book creates an exciting and dangerous atmosphere, and the author also uses a number of other literary devices to support this theme.

Devices such as food related metaphors and the different uses of language throughout.

A comparison of the novels like water for chocolate and the house of the spirits

It is also through this theme that the author creates and shapes her characters. Gertrudis, another De LaGarza sister, is given life by this theme, this forbidden passion shared by Tita and Pedro, when their desire is infused into a meal she eats.

This then drives her character to escape also, continuing the plot and giving the character of Gertrudis her own unique challenges to overcome. She does this by revealing the different ways in which these two characters deal with the hardships of forbidden love, in Tita she creates strength through this love.

During the characters life, Tita has been oppressed by the unrelenting rule of Mama Elena, unable to find the will to rise up against her tormentor.

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The author gives her character this secret passion to fuel her spirit, and give her the purpose she needed to overcome her fear, and break free from her family.

In Pedro however, we see a different trait revealed as a result of these hardships, weakness. When his love for Tita is cast out by Mama Elena, his character offers no defiance.

It is through these early choices that the Author begins to reveal the true character of Pedro. As you can see through the examples I have provided, forbidden love is a powerful storytelling tool, whether it be to simply add depth to a plot, as seen in House of the Spirits.

Or be the entire foundation of one, as in Like Water For Chocolate. In conclusion, love is always present in our lives, and among the strongest emotions one can feel.A short summary of Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate.

This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Like Water for Chocolate. The final union of their bodies and spirits sets fire to the entire ranch, and the only remnant left of their love is the recipe book in which Tita recorded her wisdom.

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Take the Summary Quick Quiz. Apr 30,  · "Compare and contrast the way that the authors of the novels “Like Water for Chocolate” and “The House of The Spirits” used the literary device “Deus Ex Machina” Deus Ex Machina literarily means “God from the machine”.

In the novels Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel and The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende, self-actualization is achieved through the female character's development of independence, nonconformity, and courage. In the novels Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel and The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende, self-actualization is achieved through the female character's development of independence, nonconformity, and courage.

Apr 02,  · "Like Water for Chocolate" creates its own intense world of passion and romance, and adds a little comedy and a lot of quail, garlic, honey, chiles, mole, cilantro, rose petals and corn meal.

It takes place in a Mexican border town, circa , where a 4/4. Word Literature Paper: The House of Spirits and Like Water For Chocolate In The House of Spirits, Clara, Esteban Trueba, Blanca, Alba, and other characters suffer a loss of innocence and/or become corrupted.

The House of the Spirits