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Did their favorite team win in extra innings? Or maybe they want to know how bad their commute looks today. When broadcast majors read the news, they imagine writing it instead of watching it.

Students who aspire to deliver the news need to attend a school that has it all: Great student media groups, professional faculty, state of the art equipment and hands-on courses. Think you have what Best articles for college magazine takes to anchor the national news?

Check out the 10 best colleges for broadcast journalism. Student-produced work created from this program regularly wins national and international awards.

Best articles for college magazine

Written by Allison Ingrum. So you either have or want the degree, but what do you do after that? Worry not—the possibilities are endless when it comes to being in that news room.

Best articles for college magazine

Get to know some of the jobs you may experience along the way as a broadcast journalism major. Maybe that means seeing Steve Carrell in Anchorman.

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Either way, you see someone talking in front of a camera, telling you everything you need to know. These are the news anchors, or the faces of the company, and the ones you most easily recognize and imagine. News anchors report and introduce stories from in the studio, and correspond with the reporters who are on the scene.

It basically serves as the prime job for anyone who loves standing in front of a camera. Instead, they go into the field in the heat of the action, interviewing sources on camera. Well, on the national level, the correspondent never stays in one, small area.

They always move and stay on the road, corresponding from different regions. They make large decisions all around such as hiring and firing as well as those regarding which stories air, directly influencing what the viewers see. If you want to get involved in broadcast journalism but consider yourself a camera-shy and bossy person, look into this influential career option.

Executive producers are the behind-the-scenes decision makers, controlling the content, timing and slotting. In other words, EPs deal with the financial and business side of things. They have the final say to everything you see through your TV screen.

Production Assistant or Associate Producer giphy. Mainly in larger markets, they work under the EP, helping with anything they may need by taking on some of their responsibilities. In the smaller markets, the EP typically takes over this job. News Writers and Editors giphy.

They write scripts for on-air broadcasts as well as what gets posted online. Usually gone unseen, they literally create a lot of the content, though you may never hear their voice. They work with everyone on the team and need to be able to quickly write, edit, research and interview.

Camera operators create the visual content by literally holding the camera both in and out of the studio. But if there is no video, there is no TV so videographer is the essential person.

The broadcast technician works in the studio to make sure the broadcast runs just as it is should.

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Sitting in front of a large number of buttons, they take on the responsibility of regulating things such as the sound quality to make sure it comes across well on the other side. A segment producer would therefore be in charge of any given segment, executed from beginning to end.

In larger markets, the segment producer may consult with video editors but in smaller markets, the segment producer may work the entire show from shooting to editing to producing the segment. Network Feed Service giphy.

They are stationed internationally and serve the networks before they can get their crew to a site.The Coddling of the American Mind. In the name of emotional well-being, college students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like.

Northwestern University It’s hard not to win an award on and off the screen at benjaminpohle.comsor Beth Bennett produced the documentary “Kindred” in , which aired on WTTW and won a Chicago/Midwest Emmy.

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