Citing the bible apa style

Translation of a quote A publication with an unknown publication year If the year of the publication is not known, then the abbreviation n. A website in its entirety When you reference a website in its entirety, you only mention the URL. The website is not included in the reference list. Citation to website The Scribbr website https:

Citing the bible apa style

Citing in paper How do I cite the Bible in my paper? Bible passages only need to be cited in the text of your paper; no reference list citation is required.

Citing the bible apa style

Indicate which version at the first use of Scripture then no reference is needed unless you use another Bible version. Subsequent Citations Subsequent citations of the same Bible version do not need to be included after citing the first time.

However, if you use a different version indicate the new version in the text citation. APA says How do you cite the Bible or other classic works? Reference list entries are not required when you cite ancient Greek and Roman works or classical religious works.

However, in the first text citation, indicate the version of the classic work you used. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th ed. Abbreviations APA discusses abreviations in section 4. Check with your professor for guidelines. Reference List The Bible is not included in a reference list.

Bible: Subsequent Citations

However, as always, consult your professor for final clarification. Publication Manual for APA 6th ed.Know how to do your first in-text citation. With APA style, the first in-text reference to a particular scripture should include the book, chapter and verse, followed by the version of the Bible it .

Citation styles can be broadly divided into styles common to the Humanities and the Sciences, though there is considerable overlap. Some style guides, such as the Chicago Manual of Style, are quite flexible and cover both parenthetical and note citation, such as MLA and APA styles, specify formats within the context of a single citation system.

used, create a citation following the general mechanics of APA style (e.g., book with no identified author, section ).

Citing the bible apa style

In-Text Citations Do not italicize, underline, or use quotation marks for books and versions of the Bible. Abbreviate books of the Bible (lists of abbreviations can be found in MLA pp. or CMS section ).

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Note: Classical religious texts, like the Bible, do not require a citation in the reference list in APA style.

However, you must include an in-text citation anytime you reference these texts in your writing. How to cite the Bible or other classic work? by APA Style blog Bible: Abbreviations APA discusses abreviations in section of the Publication Manual for APA .

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