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Even if you are its sole owner, your company has many stakeholders. The people who buy your products and services are invested in the pleasure and utility these products and services provide. Your employees and managers are invested in your business as a place to work, to grow personally and professionally, and as a source of livelihood.

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Serving internal customers isn't the same as serving external customers.

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Here are a few of the key differences between external and internal customer service. If you're on the ball, your business prioritizes customer service. You know that your obligation to your customers extends far beyond the point of sale. And the more you can do to meet your customers' ongoing needs, the more likely they will be to purchase your product the next time around.

That's what external customer service is all about. But you may not be as equipped to handle the task of internal customer service. Unlike external customer service, internal customer service addresses the range of departments and processes that are required to successfully sell your products or services.

If it's a necessary part of generating deliverables, then it's a target for internal customer service.

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The quality of your internal customer service mechanisms is just as important as the quality of your external customer service routines. Here's what's different about internal customer service and how you can improve your company's internal customer service delivery system. External External customer service is directed toward the companies and individuals who purchase your product or services.

Internal customer service doesn't have any direct contact with customers at all. Instead, it is directed toward employees, vendors and third-party stakeholders who are responsible for executing your company's mission and operational processes. Retention Customer retention is one of the primary goals of external customer service.

Internal customer service, on the other hand, is focused on facilitating workflows and internal routines. Individuals who are responsible for internal customer service troubleshoot problems and maintain clear channels of communication. Satisfaction External call center personnel execute processes are designed to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

But internal customer service staff members enable cooperation among diverse departments and stakeholders. Loyalty Quality external customer service results in increased customer loyalty.Transcript of The different types of external customers: Their potential n Groups Thorpe Park has offered discounts on group tickets charging them £ per adult (age 12+) and £ per child if they choose to book online.

External customer

A. Introduce the objective and distribute the worksheet "Internal Customer Service." In beginning the activity on customer service, you might mention that "inside customer service. Feb 06,  · Greetings, Can you please share if you have developed your own customer service programs or purchased training programs that address internal and external customer service .

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4 Evaluation Journal of Australasia, Vol. 4 (new series), Nos. 1 & 2 REFEREED ARTICLE evaluator in analysing customer satisfaction surveys (p. ). No detailed discussion of the relative benefi ts of internal and external evaluators.

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