For and against essay hunting

The modern media has a tendency to vilify people who go on safari and even twisting the facts in order to promote their articles.

For and against essay hunting

The face of Cecil the lion was projected on the Empire State building over the weekend, one of many demonstrations sparked by the controversial trophy hunt by US Dentist Walter Palmer in Zimbabwe. There are about lions bred in captivity in South Africa, and about wild lions in protected areas, in which hunting is prohibited.

In light of the ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the plight of endangered animals, CapeTalk and presenter Africa Melane spoke with representatives both for and against trophy hunting practices. The evidence speaks for itself.

He says there are more game in private ownership than in the national parks. He says that trophy hunting also contributes to the gross domestic product GDP and other economic opportunities such as employment.

In the industry was billed to the value of R10 billion. She says that the argument that trophy hunting contributes to conservation is a myth. Trophy hunting is a big problem.

At what cost does it contribute to the economy? The animals on hunting farms are conserved for one purpose only — and that is to be killed and slaughtered.

According to Joubert, the breeding and hunting of wildlife is unnatural. You can make a difference. This industry is unregulated, uncontrolled and is responsible for untold cruelty.

It is a tragedy that our wild animals are reduced to profit making machines. Coupled with this members of public are unwittingly encouraging and supporting this cruelty, so it is vital that the public are aware of the truth behind the industry so they can make informed decisions and hopefully choose not to support such an unethical industry.

Lions have the right to live in the wild and to continue playing their unique role within the ecological communities of Africa. The continued existence of the canned hunting industry is a moral outrage that diminishes us all. This important film shines a light into the dark corners of this ugly business.

Our campaign was glad to be able to assist and participate in a full length documentary that aims to expose a brutal industry whose whole business model is routine, egregious cruelty to helpless animals — for fun.

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Congratulations to all involved in taking the time and making this happen. Despite being hard to watch, we urge people to get out there and see it. It is important to shed light on the dark and corrupt business of rearing lions for the purposes of hunting, in hopes of making a positive change.

The canned hunting industry is unnatural, unethical and unacceptable. It delivers compromised animal welfare and zero education.

It undermines conservation and creates a moral vacuum now inhabited by the greed and grotesque self-importance of those who derive pleasure in the taking of life.

For and against essay hunting

Will Travers OBE, President Born Free Foundation The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, in providing support for the making of this Documentary, does so in the firm belief that it is important that the true facts behind captive lion breeding and canned lion hunting in South Africa, is brought to the attention of a global audience in order to create awareness which in turn will lead to much needed change.

Ian McCallum — Author, poet, psychiatrist and naturalist With the constant pressure on wildlife, every effort must be made to keep our last vestiges of natural fauna and flora protected.

Canned hunting of any kind, along with the related consequences, must be condemned by humanity as not only a travesty of nature but also an utterly inhumane practise. Taming lion cubs only to later hunt them is an utterly inhumane practice. It is pseudo-hunting, a complete sham and does not even qualify as hunting on a sustainable use basis.

Wildlife conservation has to evolve into practices that are ethical, humanitarian and sustainable. Hunting of captive bred lions entirely dependent on human fingerprints from cub to trophy is immoral, unethical and against all animal welfare concerns.

The fact that it still continues as profitable commerce is a damning statement against all of us who have not properly engaged to snuff it out.

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Blood Lions is a good start to bring change.For or Against Hunting. There have been many opinions on the topic of mankind hunting in today’s day and age. Yet, a hundred years ago hardly anyone would have had a bias against hunting. forward the arguments for and against hunting.

I have done research on ther internet and recently watched a program about hunting in Exmoor. There are many reasons for hunting, whilst researching I have found Essays on Fox Hunting] Free Essays words ( pages) Essay about My Views on Hunting. Attend public meetings of your state’s wildlife agency, voice your opinion against hunting in their public commenting process.

Speak up, write letters and comments, and encourage others to do the same. Dec 15,  · My essay - Trophy Hunting and Conservation in Africa. Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by tigris, Dec 13, Trophy Hunting and Conservation in Africa Thank you for sharing your paper with us and also for having the courage to choose the topic of hunting in Africa for your college essay.

Legitimate arguments abound for and against hunting for the control of the population of deer and other “nuisance” wildlife; or for sustenance for people who kill animals so they can eat them. In this essay I will be putting forward the arguments for and against hunting. I have done research on ther internet and recently watched a program about hunting in Exmoor.

There are many reasons for hunting, whilst researching I have found many plausable reasons for hunting and also many unplausable reasons, in this section of my essay, I will.

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