Haunted houses reality or hoax essay

If they really wanted to terrorize the neighborhood, they could take turns haunting different houses. Ideas about haunted houses often originate in movies such as The Amityville Horror, a fictional movie based on a true fraud. While it is quite common for a Catholic priest to bless a house or perform what is called a "routine exorcism," it is not common to perform what is called a "real exorcism" on houses, despite what was depicted in the movie. Their case was helped along by the media New York television station Channel 5self- proclaimed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, and Gene Campbell, who produced an infra red time-lapse photograph of a boy?

Haunted houses reality or hoax essay

For the record, their ideal family looked like a cross between the Brady Bunch and the Mansons: However, my family was a smidgen too close to normal, so they gave us some help in the form of a "family friend.

And since we live in Eastern Kentucky, the producers were expecting the full Deliverance experience.

The True Stories About Real Haunted Houses

But none of us had wacky hillbilly accents, the kids are practically Ralph Lauren models, and the house was fairly well-kept -- not even a pet possum to play up for comedic value. So when they found out most "country folk" are just "normal folk," they started importing inbreds to chuckle up the sideshow.

For example, some shots showed trees casting ominous shadows This was done for atmosphere, to make our otherwise ordinary house look like prime property in Amityville.

And while the special effects guy was nice enough, it was a little worrying that they had "a special effects guy" on our reality show in the first place. Continue Reading Below Advertisement The spiritual medium was even worse. He told us, "All these terrible things are happening because the spirits are angry you are Christian.

He also called me "psychologically damaged" and claimed that I could be a serial killer. That was because I had a cross of swords in my bedroom -- which, it should be noted, came from the set design team.

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Everything he used to evaluate my psyche was based on things the crew had hung in my room to make me look more interesting.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement The only person who truly wanted to help was a Catholic bishop who came by and exorcised the house. He even forced the camera crew out for a bit because it was a religious gesture and not for entertainment.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts and demons and such, that was a pretty stand-up thing to do.

Haunted houses reality or hoax essay

Instead of filming the spooky things happening, we ignored them to film reenactments of the spooky things happening. That door closing all by itself, that Hot Pocket sliding across the counter of its own accord? Meanwhile, any real ghosts were probably standing just out of shot, looking quite confused.

We told them about how my brother had cut his arm once, and that we briefly associated it with the house.

Creative Writing: Write an essay on "The Haunted House"

They turned that into us screaming about a demon that had cut my brother at night, presumably because he owed it money.The Haunted House essaysThe day was October 31, , and I was at my friend, Danielle A____, house for a Halloween party. My softball team decided to throw a party, and everyone was to dress in costumes from the movie The League of Their Own.

After we bobbed for apples and toilet papered (rolled) d. May 21,  · A research journal into the facts of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy and the subsequent hoax by the alternative media, "Sandy Hook Hoax".

Sandy Hook Shooting Photo Essay The book is about American homes haunted by ghost. Several boxes of benjaminpohle.com: Sandy Hook- Facts & Research.

Haunted Houses.

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A haunted house is one believed to be occupied by ghosts. People believe to hear sounds and see spiritual creatures or the spirits of the previous homeowners. According to a Gallup poll, 37% believe in haunted houses, down from 42% five years ago but up from 29% in A Pew poll in found that more Americans believe in haunted houses than believe global warming is real.

Jan 28,  · Even when I was a little kid and my elementary school had a book fair, I didn’t buy Encyclopedia Brown; I picked up the Dynamite Book of Ghosts and Haunted Houses — .

Haunted houses reality or hoax essay

A Haunted House Essay "They're looking for it; they're drawing the curtain," one might say, and so read on a page or two. "Now they've found it,' one would be certain, stopping the pencil on the margin.

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