It106 1204a 04

Complete the following problems. What is machine code?

It106 1204a 04

It106 1204a 04

BeT will allow customers to check balances, make remote photo capture check deposits, and perform balance transfers to their checking or savings account. Data Dictionary The Data Dictionary is simply a list of all the variables that are available for use in the programming process of the BET program.

The Data Item is a simple description of the type of data that will make up the list. The Variable Name and the Data Type are essentially descriptors of the data item. By listing the alternative solutions, the Problem Analysis Chart can assist in the creation of the simplest solution, not just any solution.

This chart is depicted with shapes that represent the different modules of the program, and lines that interconnect these modules. The relationship between these modules is graphically displayed, which in turn makes visualization of the logic used slightly less complicated, but lists few details.

It also shows where in the solution what kind of processing takes place. The data items are represented with abbreviations, and the diagram is accompanied by a legend that will serve to identify these data items. As the design of the program is modular, the flowcharts will represent the individual modules, just as with the pseudocode above.

The control module for the BET program can be viewed as a container to house the individual modules that perform the work. So start with, the control module begins by making input declarations as points of reference.

Contained within the control module are the input, calc, and output module. The input module takes the values declared and prompts for updates for some of the input. In this case, the modified variables will be the balSav, balChk, the transNum, and depending on the users choice of transNum, the depAmt or xferAmt will be modified as well.

In the BET programming, the calculation module is designed to provide a mechanism by which the program can calculate new balances based on the decisions made by the user in the input module. The transaction number is used to guide, and the math is applied depending on the original user selection.

An error procedure is included in the module to provide a means of overdraft protection for both the bank and the user.

Based on the decisions made by the user in the input module of the BET system, the output module will display to the user of the system the updated balances of the managed accounts.

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