My trip to rome

We targeted out places that we wanted to see during our trip. With all of this on the list there was no rest for the wicked: This first part has a focus on our stay in Rome, the second part will focus on eating and drinking in Romethird page will have more pictures and the last page contains a short review of the hotel we used.

My trip to rome

In this web site you will find samples of Rome and Italy Tours that we recommend to those who want to experience the Italian Peninsula with someone who is used to lead tours and customize travel arrangements since years.

What to Pack for Rome - My Packing Checklist

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These are Your Certified Trip Advisor! Click Here Upon request, particular attention is dedicated the the Christian Italy with a special focus on the Rome pilgrimage on the footsteps of the Roman Catholicism.

My trip to rome

In this regard, we know to be privileged to live and be based in Rome and we want to share our unique home land with those who really appreciate the memory of the Christian Rome by customizing the religious holidays enlightening the sites of Rome Christianity.

Michael's Cave and on the footsteps of St. Booking also your overnights in Italy, our company provides general and accurate personal reservation in any Italy Hotel for your family trip or group tour that we higly suggest and, since we are local agents, having high competitive hotel room rates, providing veritable Italy tour packages.

Our wish is to be your useful personal Travel Guide throughout this incredible mosaic of Arts, Churches, History and Architecture called Italia; your right is to fully embrace during your Italy vacation such an extraordinary world heritage.Most visitors to Italy will go to Rome and see the ancient sites.

The broken bones of the Roman Empire are fascinating, but the ancient way of life can be hard to visualize. My Trip to Rome, Italy was an experience of a lifetime. My family and I left sometime in December , and came back in mid to late January (I .

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R ead our Telegraph Travel expert guide to Rome, including the best places to stay, eat, drink as well as the top attractions to visit, flights and all of the key information that you need to know. Compare and book all KLM flights, view great last minute offers, choose your favorite seat, check in online, book hotels, rental cars and all you need for your trip.

Looking for one of the best Rome day trips? Travel to Capri, an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, on this day trip with an experienced guide. You’ll journey by coach to Naples, where you’ll cross the deep blue sea by boat to reach the isle of Capri. Nov 17,  · I came back from my first trip to Rome late last month (October).

My trip to rome

I’ve spent weeks reading and searching on this forum to prepare for my trip. I feel like to comment on some of the points that were not well explained, were not much talked about, or was overlooked so that hopefully I can provide a different perspective.

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