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Inthe ending of the civil war and the return to political normalcy in Lebanon began. With the peace among all factions in Lebanon, the rebuilding of Lebanon and its capital, Beirut, started. By signing the Oslo accords, the Palestine Liberation Organization recognize Israel's right to exist, while Israel permitted the creation of an autonomous Palestinian National Authority consisting of the Gaza Strip and West Bank which was implemented in

Rizal nwo

According to an Iraqi officer, Hussein loaded two tractor trailers of dollars and euros on to an American C, then drove his limo onto the plane after which it took off and disappeared into the skyline. I would then begin the systematic destruction of as many Moslems and mosques as possible using roving CIA teams inciting hatred on both sides.

I would cause outrages against the Moslems of the south, using American GIs raping Iraqi women, photographing the crime and then posting it on the internet further citing Moslem fury against the West. I would also spread disease via immunizations and radioactive toxins among the American GIs further weakening the American military in preparation for my Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion of the West.

And with deliberate non-intervention and other injustices perpetrated by federal, state and local agencies, I would further sow the seeds for my race war between Whites and Blacks, while occupying the people Rizal nwo non-news Jackson, Simpson, Bryant—Black on White crimes—and Rizal nwo other case Scott Peterson, Stephanie Hollowood that could be used to occupy the attention of the viewers.

Knowing that the American people will be beginning to denounce the war and even file: Bush, whose father and grandfather served the Order most wonderfully. Now war in Israel is a certainty. In order to blame the US for the destruction of the Jerusalem mosques I would build a huge American Army base in Israel from which the Americans could operate during the coming war in Israel, American troops moving in from Iraq.

Meanwhile at the moment I would increase US troops in Iraq through a coming catastrophic event and thus a mandatory draft. Mission About to be Accomplished. This will strike at the very heart of the proud, profligate and fat Americans so as to incite the people to adopt a total war footing which my CFR trustees will fully implement.

I would blame Iran for the detonations justifying the invasion of that nation; or, I can blame North Korea thereby beginning my war in the East in killing millions of Chinese as China will be aiding North Korea.

In preparation for an American defeat, I have moved all American aircraft carriers out of the Pacific and into the Persian gulf. Yes, the subs are disarmed of any potential nuclear threat. When this becomes known, he who as the largest and most disciplined army will have the upperhand.

This of curse will be my Chinese Communists commanded by Chinese Jesuits.

The Jesuit New World Order

Mission about to be accomplished. Those nations of White apostate Protestants are sitting ducks in the middle of the South Pacific with no relief possible from either British or US fleets. The shedding of the blood of the heretic, I love it! With my beloved Chinese navy coupled with my Japanese Navy I will then sweep the Pacfic, attack Hawaii and eliminate all but a few of the native Oriential Hawaiians.

Viewers from the Planet

They hate Americans and will help my invading Chinese and Soviet navy. At the same time I will be bringing in hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Soviet troops through the underground tunnel linking Russia and Alaska running all the way to Washington State.

By the time my mongol forces reach the Coast of California with LA in flames, my attackers will be arriving in the North killing as many heretic Canadian Protestants in British Columbia and Alberta.

The next event will be a terrorist event involving preplaced dirty bombs here in the US. Biologicals may also be used as the CIA has spent years in developing these toxins. The movie The Satan Bug produced over thirty years ago is somewhat of a forewarning to the event. The masonic Osama bin Ladin praised the attack allowed by the traitor to the American people George W.

Eisenhower inside the satanic worship location in the Bohemian Grove in California. Inside the Bohemian Grove, the Jesuit practice satanic rituals.

This is the reason why many Bible Believing Christians led by their Pastors are trapped by their invincible enemies, inflitrated their churches by the Jesuits.

This unawareness by many Pastors not all cause the death of millions of Bible Believing Christians, they were not been warned and alarmed. Limeta The heroes of communism, Marx and Engels, who wrote the communist manifesto, in the s, were actually coached and directed by Jesuit priests.

The communist party was formed for the task of destroying the protector of the hated orthodox church, the Czar of Russia. It was for revenge. The communist party was financed in secret by agents of Rome the illuminati in order to create another power that was a servant of the vatican.

Before World War 1, a large group of wealthy Jews was trying to gain control over Jerusalem.The history of the Order of the Knights of Rizal go back to December 30, when Colonel Antonio C.

Torres organized a 9 group of men from different walks of life for the purpose of commemorating in a fitting manner the execution and martyrdom of our foremost national hero, Dr. Jose P.

Rizal. Contributions of Rizal. Jose Rizal wrote El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere, which paved the way for a Filipino uprising against Spain. His novels and writing are /5(12). Alert People, We Have Two Suns and Unknown Planets.

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Rizal nwo

At the University of Santo Tomas Fortunately, Rizal’s first romance, with its bi tter disillusionment, did not adversely affect his studies in the University of Santo Tomas.

His love for higher education proved to be greater than his love fo r a pretty girl. The Order of the Knights of Rizal is the sole order of knighthood in the Philippines.

Rizal nwo

The Order is created to honor and uphold the ideals of Philippine national hero José Rizal. [youtube 2JpYjxxfHyg] 5. This secret Ruling Cabal has existed for hundreds of years and has planned to create a Globalist NWO system located in Jerusalem and is allegedly powered by the mass suffering, death and bloodshed of humans as a “blood-sacrifice” and/or a “soul-sacrifice”.

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