Rmp infotec business plan

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Rmp infotec business plan

Support a life cycle approach to drug vigilance; Enhance the quality of Health Canada's regulatory assessments; Support Canadians' timely access to safe, efficacious and high quality drugs; Support ongoing evaluation of information that could have an impact on the benefit-risk profile of health products and; Align drug vigilance with international best practices.

Additionally, the current document will: The principles and practices outlined in this document apply to "drugs", as defined by s. Pharmaceutical drugs which includes prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical drugs ; Biologics as set out in Schedule D to the Food and Drugs Act which include biotechnology products, vaccines and fractionated blood products ; Radiopharmaceutical drugs as set out in Schedule C to the Food and Drugs Act.

The submission of RMPs for natural health products, medical devices except when they are part of a combination product submission and classified in one of the categories outlined above and veterinary products are outside the scope of this guidance document.

This decision is based on the information available at the time of approval. The knowledge related to the safety profile of the drug can change over time through expanded use in terms of patient characteristics and the rmp infotec business plan of patients exposed.

In particular, during the early post-marketing period the drug might be used in rmp infotec business plan different from those studied in clinical trials and a much larger population might be exposed in a relatively short timeframe.

The ICH E2E Guideline provides instruction with respect to the further characterization of important identified risks of drugs, important potential risks and missing information.

It does not include risk minimization. However, it was acknowledged at the time of development of ICH E2E that risk minimization is an integral part of risk management planning.

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Health Canada further advised that other recognized formats are accepted i. Examples include drug administration training or additional educational material. Additional Pharmacovigilance Activities For products for which special concerns have arisen, additional activities designed to address these safety concerns should be considered e.

Data Package For the purposes of this document, data package is: In Canada, this includes data as per the Food and Drug Regulations or other information filed for review by Health Canada e.

Foreign Reviews also referred to as foreign review reports Refers to scientific safety, efficacy, and quality reports prepared by foreign regulatory authorities, upon which foreign regulatory decisions on drugs are based.

They include, where applicable, risk management plans and on-site evaluation reports or equivalent. They do not include the data package filed with the foreign regulatory authority.

International Conference on Harmonisation ICH The International Conference on Harmonisation is a joint regulatory-industry initiative pertaining to the international harmonisation of regulatory requirements for drug products.

Most new medicines are currently developed in these regions.

rmp infotec business plan

The guideline is intended to aid in the planning of pharmacovigilance activities, especially in preparation for the early post-marketing period of a new drug. It focuses primarily on specific aspects of a Safety Specification and Pharmacovigilance Plan that may be submitted at the time of an application for market authorization.

Periodic Benefit Risk Evaluation Report PBRER The PBRER is a pharmacovigilance document intended to provide a comprehensive, concise, and critical analysis of new or emerging information on the risks of the health product, and on its benefit in approved indications, to enable an appraisal of the product's overall benefit-risk profile.

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Pharmacovigilance Activity Pharmacovigilance is defined by the World Health Organization WHO as the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse events or any other drug-related problems.

REMS use risk minimization strategies beyond labelling. Risk Management Plan RMP A document that describes a set of pharmacovigilance activities and interventions designed to identify, characterize, prevent or minimize risks related to drug products, and the assessment of the effectiveness of those interventions adopted from the European Medicines Agency definition of a Risk Management System.

Risk Minimization Activity Risk minimization activities are interventions intended to prevent or reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions associated with the exposure to a medicine, or to reduce their severity or impact on the patient should adverse reactions occur.

These measures may include warnings in the label or minimization activities beyond routine, such as health care provider educational material. Routine Pharmacovigilance activities For products for which no special concerns have arisen, routine pharmacovigilance activities are sufficient for post-approval safety monitoring.

This can include monitoring of the safety profile of the product through signal detection activities and preparation of reports for regulatory authorities i. Routine Risk Minimization Activities Routine risk minimization activities apply to all medicinal products and relate to standard activities such as product labelling and limitations on drug pack size.

Safety Specification The safety specification is a summary of the important identified risks of a medicinal product, important potential risks, and missing information.

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The safety specification should also address the populations potentially at risk where the drug is likely to be usedand outstanding safety questions which warrant further investigation to refine understanding of the benefit-risk profile during the post-authorization period.

Serious Adverse Drug Reaction "Serious adverse drug reaction" as defined in the Food and Drug Regulations means a noxious and unintended response to a drug that occurs at any dose and that requires in-patient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization, causes congenital malformation, results in persistent or significant disability or incapacity, is life-threatening or results in death.

As part of and included in a drug submission [e. RMPs should be included in a drug submission in the following circumstances, but not limited to: New pharmaceutical submissions that include a new active substances NAS ; All biologics and subsequent entry biologics which include biotechnology products, vaccines and fractionated blood products ; All radiopharmaceutical drugs; Any drug that is coming back to the market that was previously withdrawn due to a serious safety issue; Drugs with a significant change in indication; Drugs with the designation "Extraordinary Use" EU refer to Appendix 2 for more detail.Writing a business plan is an important step in the start-up phase.

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