Sheep farmer business plan

Cash flow statement Enterprise budgets Most states and counties have numerous public agencies that can assist agricultural producers with business planning: Many county governments now have someone in the Economic Development Office that specializes in agriculture enterprises. In addition to completing your business plan online, you can view examples of business plans and share your plan with advisors. Purdue University has an online business planner called INVenture.

Sheep farmer business plan

Human Resource Strategies In terms of financial strategies, the following is envisaged: A debtors ageing schedule will also be prepared and followed through In terms of the Marketing strategies, the following is envisaged: Understanding the needs and preferences of customers shall be taken as a prime consideration in crafting the marketing strategy and plan for the business.

sheep farmer business plan

This will also form part of the competitive edge for AfriAgric Sheep Farm Developing the brand equity and degree of customer loyalty will form part of a key marketing strategy for AfriAgric Sheep Farm In terms of the Internal operations strategies, the following is envisaged: The internal operating systems in AfriAgric Sheep Farm shall be aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction, satisfying the shareholders and complying with Government Legislation.

The operational systems shall be aimed at ensuring fast and efficient service in the front office as well as accuracy in the back office operations Health and Safety audits shall be conducted on a regular basis to ensure and enhance the Health and Safety of customers and employees at all times In terms of the Human resources strategies, the following is envisaged: The business will recruit motivated employees that have a passion for farming A series of internal workshops on AfriAgric Sheep Farm values and principles shall be held on a regular basis to ensure that both staff and management teams subscribe to the same core ideologies A Performance Management System shall be employed to evaluate the performance of each and every business unit as well as each employee.

Employees shall be assigned key performance activities to be used as part of their reward and remuneration system.

Self appraisals and degree appraisals will be conducted so as to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and come with interventions as to how to capitalise on the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses 3. Market intelligence, in terms of studying the strengths and weaknesses of direct and indirect competitors will be important in terms of devising tactics and strategies aimed at combating competition and achieving a higher market share.

This will be aimed at establishing at least two more Farms within the North West Province. Diversification will focus at moving into other value added activities such as the processing of Sheep Meat and its skin as well as the rearing and sale of other animals such as cattle, goat and chicken.A new sheep farmer or someone considering entry into sheep production must carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each management practice because these decisions will have a considerable impact on the profitability of the sheep operation.

Botanical Bounty agriculture farm business plan executive summary. Botanical Bounty is an established farm growing select medicinal herbs.

sheep farmer business plan

Are you a beginning farmer? Do you want to expand your markets? Do you want to add sheep, goats, or poultry to your operation?


The resources on this page will help you develop a business plan, marketing plan and provide you with information and worksheets to help you meet your farm goals. A good business plan will help your farm or food production business succeed. Before you start writing your business plan, take a look at some sample business plans for farms, food growers, food production facilities, and other agriculture-related businesses.

Business planning A business plan is the foundation of a successful farming operation. It is a "road map." It allows you to plan your business before investing any of your own resources. It increases the chances for success and helps avoid costly mistakes.

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For many sheep producers, a percent lamb crop is an appropriate and obtainable. Sheep business. Each farm situation is different and thus the decision which helps one farmer to meet his business goals may be wrong for another farmer.

Sheep Business Plannning