Summary article example writing about myself

Hey, this is my homepage, so I have to say something about myself. Sometimes it is hard to introduce yourself because you know yourself so well that you do not know where to start with. Let me give a try to see what kind of image you have about me through my self-description. I hope that my impression about myself and your impression about me are not so different.

Summary article example writing about myself

The task of writing clearly and simply has never been either clear or simple. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult of all writing tasks. Clear and simple writing is an art to which many aspire and few achieve. Even so, the understandability of web content depends upon clear and simple writing.

Unclear or confusing writing is an accessibility barrier to all readers, but can be especially difficult for people with reading disorders or cognitive disabilities. To complicate matters, the "rules" of clear and simple writing in English may not apply at all in other languages, or even between cultures that speak the same language.

Many English-speaking countries value directness and explicitness in written communication. Other cultures feel that this style is too blunt, and perhaps even insulting to readers. Despite the difficulties in defining the meaning of "clear and simple" writing, the suggestions in this section may still benefit writers of web content.

The suggestions serve as general guidelines for writing clear and simple English, primarily from an American English perspective. Those who write in other languages should seek resources that apply specifically to those languages.

Not everyone reads at the same level or has the ability to understand text content, even when presented clearly and simply. Reading disorders, memory disorders, attention deficit disorders, and other conditions which affect the brain's cognitive processes can compromise a person's ability to benefit from text.

The guidelines presented below will improve readability for many people, but not for all. General Guidelines The guidelines presented here are not a complete list, nor do they apply to every situation, but they are a good starting point.

Writers who take these guidelines seriously are more likely to write clearly and simply.

summary article example writing about myself

Organize your ideas into a logical outline—before and during the writing process This may be the most important guideline of all. You have to think clearly about a topic in order to communicate it clearly.

The organization process is ongoing, starting before any words are written and continuing throughout the entire process.

summary article example writing about myself

There is nothing wrong with reorganizing a paper as you write it. When you think you're finished, take the opportunity to analyze it one more time to see if the organization still makes sense to you.

If it does, great! If not, try again!

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Here are some thoughts by accomplished writers about the need to organize ideas: Tell the readers what you're going to tell them; tell them; then tell them what you told them The formula to follow is to begin with an introduction, or overview of the paper's ideas, explain the ideas in the main body of the text, then summarize or review the ideas at the end.

Example In a simplified format, here is a structural analysis of ideas for a paper about baldness: Introduction Tell them what you're going to tell them Not everyone appreciates baldness as they should. There are advantages to being bald. Body Tell them Main idea 1: Bald people don't have to worry about the cost of haircuts.

They can cut their own hair what remains of it with a razor or clippers. Bald people don't have to style their hair. They only have to dry their head with a towel after showering, and are then free to move on to other more relevant activities, like reading the comics, practicing yoga, or climbing trees.

Even on windy days, bald people never get hair in their eyes or mouth, at least not their own hair, which makes windy days more bearable for the vast majority of people who don't particularly like the taste of hair. Review and Conclusion Tell them what you told them Baldness allows for some under-appreciated conveniences in life, in terms of haircuts, styling, and windy days.

You ought to consider being bald. Stick to the point The more you stray from your main point, the less likely people will be to remember it. Make it interesting Capture the attention of your readers by including relevant details that motivate them to continue reading.

Here are some thoughts by famous individuals about the importance of making things interesting: Write for your target audience You should write differently for a classroom of first-graders than you would for a committee of post-graduate scholars. In addition, you should take into account people's areas of expertise, even if they have the same level of education or intelligence.

Cultural and gender differences can also play a role in defining a target audience. As you write, keep your audience's characteristics in mind and write accordingly.Summary Writing Format When writing a summary, remember that it should be in the form of a paragraph. A summary begins with an introductory sentence that states the text’s title, author and main point of the text as you see it.

The purpose of a summary is to give the reader, in a about 1/3 of the original length of an article/lecture, a clear, objective picture of the original lecture or text.

Most importantly, the summary restates only the main points of a text or a lecture without giving examples or details, such as dates, numbers or statistics. Jul 26,  · “This summary clearly articulates who he is, whom he serves and how he helps,” says Theresa Merrill, Muse Master Career Coach, of this client sample she provided.

One thing writers hate doing but will inevitably have to do (one day or another, at least) is the Dreaded Synopsis. An agent may request it in his/her submission materials, or an editor might want it once your agent has you out on subs.

Writing blog posts that are well-structured and SEO-friendly at the same time can be challenging, but this guide shows you how! Because this type of summary focuses more on soft skills than on hard skills, it’s ideal for two types of users: the networkers and the less-experienced.

If you’re using LinkedIn primarily to meet new people, rather than get a job, this makes you seem like an interesting person to know.

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