Supertato writing a letter

The children were immediately enthused by the characters in the book and came up with some really wonderful ideas for activities they would like to have set up within the classroom.

Supertato writing a letter

Download File Like our resources? Have an idea, request or problem? Drop us a message! Here you can see an example of Super Sentences from April. The children loved writing about the evil pea from the story Supertato!

supertato writing a letter

Super Sentences and learning theory The aim of education is to create children who are able to learn on their own. Bruner disagreed with Piaget's notion of supertato writing a letter children can only learn specific concepts when they were developmentally ready and believed that "complex ideas can be taught at a simplified level first, and then re-visited at more complex levels later on.

Bruner believed "the teacher should not be to teach information by rote learning, but instead to facilitate the learning process. Bruner went on to say that "This means that a good teacher will design lessons that help student discover the relationship between bits of information.

To do this a teacher must give students the information they need, but without organizing for them. Scaffolding like Vygotsky's notion of zones of proximal development "refers to the steps taken to reduce the degrees of freedom in carrying out some task so that the child can concentrate on the difficult skill she is in the process of acquiring".

Lillard et al, "This has led many to generalize the conclusion that play is beneficial for all learning. Many of the findings are reflective of procedural knowledge rather than declarative knowledge.

We created it to teach the declarative information needed to write sentences. It removes the freedom in the task of writing sentences i. Gradually over time we remove the scaffolding and support children to use their skills in a more child-based, context driven way.

That way children are able to use sentence writing as just another skill in their play. We all teach differently, with access to different resources, with different children and varying levels of experience so what works for some won't work for others and it might not fit with your teaching style or your current cohort of children.

We have talked about it because it works well for us and we thought some of you might be interested, as you all know we have gone from being a school in Special Measures to almost outstanding and our journey has been relentless so 'Think' things through and make your own decisions - you know your children best!

Anita and Mark Bruner, J.

Talk for Writing – the key to raising attainment.

The Process of education. The act of discovery. Harvard Educational Review, 31, The role of tutoring in problem solving.

supertato writing a letter

Knowledge Development in Early Childhood: Source of learning and classroom Implications. A Review of the Evidence. The mud kitchen is very popular but we've been searching for ways to ensure that children are not just engaged but also moving their learning forward.

To help with this we have introduced our Mud Kitchen Recipe Book! If children make something fab in the mud kitchen, they can then fill in a recipe sheet.

We will then stick it in, along with a photo ready to be followed by all the children to come! The pictures for the Mud Kitchen books are available from www. We have been working really hard to ensure that the boys in our classes are enthused about their writing.

While in Homebase this Star Wars wallpaper caught our eye! We knew the boys would love to come up with some ideas for what the characters are saying - and there were some very amusing ideas!

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This writing wall is part of our continuous provision but, as it on the door where we often line up, there has been writing and talking at all times!

Here's the Boys Writing Club in action! The boys all have a 'membership card' that reminds them of how to write a sentence using capital letters, finger spaces, punctuation, handwriting etc.

And, yes, we did argue about an apostrophe in the title but decided that we'd leave it off as it looked better that way!Literacy planning to link with the topic ‘food’ or ‘farming’.

Planned for a mixed year 1/2 class with a range of abilities so activities could be extended or adapted to suit your class. Enough planning for at least 3 weeks. Based on the books: Supertat. We have been very busy, recently, practising our handwriting and letter formation, as we know how important it is to have clear writing for everyone to be able to read.

I think all of Caterpillar class would agree in saying that 'Supertato' has definitely been one of our favourite topics. Supertato Superworm Elliot the midnight superhero How you can help at Communication, Language and Literacy This term we will be focusing on mark making in lots of different areas, writing super hero The children will be encourage to talk about Encourage your child to write their name.

(If you need a letter formation sheet please ask!) Use. Read Supertato up to where he falls in to the freezer. Ask the children what could Supertato do to escape from the evil pea? Mind map ideas. (ORY): third line of letter card – rainbow writing of sound, reading/writing words containing sound, writing a caption for a .

World Book Day activities for your Chatterbooks group started writing and illustrating together. It seems that others enjoy their frankly ridiculous stories something with the same letter sound. ** When Supertato reads a story to the other vegetables, why was the ending 'a bit flat'?!.

As a class we had to write a letter to plan their release! We have been designing scenes and writing our own speech bubbles. Using real potatoes, we designed and created our own Supertato’s.

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