The portrayal of moral dilemma of patient assisted suicide

Abstract For many people, it is of paramount importance that life is preserved in every sense of the word.

The portrayal of moral dilemma of patient assisted suicide

PHL — Philosophy of Death.

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The Supreme Court has ruled that there is no right for physician assisted suicide in the Constitution, but individual states have the right to decide whether or not to allow it Hendin By studying the effect of permitting the procedure in these limited samples, the experts on the subject have drawn some conclusions regarding the morality and legality of physician assisted suicide.

Dieterle, a specialist on the topic, argues that even though he cannot provide any affirming arguments for legalizing physician assisted suicide, there are not enough sufficient arguments against it, so therefore it should become legalized. Dieterle first says that using Netherlands, which has been practicing physician assisted suicide for over four decades, as a model to draw predications from is not valid, for a few reasons.

He states that the Netherlands has a socialized medical system, which makes extraordinary situations involving physician suicide less likely. The United States has a free-market health care system, thus making it unreasonable to draw predictions from results in the Netherlands; it would be like comparing apples and oranges.

The portrayal of moral dilemma of patient assisted suicide

Secondly, he points out that euthanasia was legalized at the same time physician assisted suicide was legalized in the Netherlands. This fact may lead to more extreme situations than when only physician assisted suicide is allowed.

The basic requirements to become eligible for physician assisted suicide in Oregon are that the patient much be at least 18 years old, capable of making and communicating health care decision, and have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that gives them less than six months to live Dieterle There are a few nuances in the law and process, but those are the general requirements.

One of the arguments that naysayers of physician assisted suicide provide is the thought that nonvoluntary and involuntary euthanasia will undoubtedly arise from a result of legalization of the procedure Dieterle They say that the next step from allowing the patient to make a decision about their own life is that someone else will gain the power to make that decision.

Dieterle argues that there have been no signs of anything like this happening in Oregon. There are specific rules in place to prevent euthanasia from occurring. The patient must make two oral and one written request for physician assisted suicide, and the doctors take other precautions to make sure the patient is thinking with a clear head.

In over ten years, there have yet to be any problems of this sort in Oregon. Opponents of physician assisted suicide also argue that the law will likely be abused if it is legalized Dieterle One specific breach of law discussed is that patients might be pressured by family members or insurance companies to undergo the procedure.

Ira Byock: Why Assisted Suicide is No Realm for Physicians

Family members and insurance companies may rather not pay the expenses to take care of a terminally ill person and would rather they die. Inspecting studies in Oregon, Dieterle says that there are precautions in place to make sure this does not happen.

Additionally, almost all patients cited their poor quality of life as one of the primary reasons for undergoing physician assisted suicide Dieterle Thus, it does not appear that any of the patients in Oregon sought death solely because of pressure from others. Another argument made against the legalization of physician assisted suicide is that it will lessen the value of life, thus making it in a way less harsh to kill someone, so homicides will rise Dieterle Dieterle says that if this were true, then it would be expected to see a rise in homicide rates in Oregon since the passing of the Death with Dignity Act.The National Unitarian Fellowship.

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The portrayal of moral dilemma of patient assisted suicide

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Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Physician-assisted suicide will not only corrupt the professionals who practice medicine, but also affect the patients because it threatens to fundamentally distort the doctor–patient.

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