The united statesi and japanis government essay

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The united statesi and japanis government essay

The United states has a federal republic, with strong democratic tradition. Japan has a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. Modeled after European civil law system with a bit of English-American influences, Japan also uses judicial review of legislative acts but in the supreme court.

American political system

Both governments have the three branches of the legal system. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. Bush, and a vice president, Richard B. Both the president and the vice president sure for a four year term and are head of the government.

The united statesi and japanis government essay

The cabinet is another part of the executive branch and is appointed by the President with the senates approval. In the country of Japan, thee chief of state is Emperor Akihito.

Esl argumentative essay unit

The head of the government is Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, compared to us we our chief of state is also the head of the government. Their cabinet is appointed by the prime minister, there are no elections the monarch is hereditary.

The United States Legislative branch has a senate and the house of Representatives. Japan, like the United States, also has a Judicial branch which includes the Supreme court.

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The chief justice of the supreme court is assigned by the monarch after designation by the cabinet, and all other justices are appointed by the cabinet.

Terence McAuliffe, national committee chairman of the democratic party. The leader of the republican party is James S. Some political parties and leaders are Japan Communist Party headed by Kazuo Shii, the chairman, and Tadaaki Ichida, the secretary general.

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United States Government Vs. North Korean Government Essay

Ethan Fuller Mr. Mauritz AP Government & Politics -date Summer Assignment The United States of America was founded in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Our uniqueness, freedom, creativity, and strength all stem from being the first country born to debate. The United States became increasingly insensitive to the obliteration of fellow democracies at the hands of brutal fascist leaders like Hitler and Mussolini.

The U.S. was determined to stay out of war at all costs—even if its allies were in trouble; Americans believed that they were immune from Europe’s problems as long as they refused to. Japanese Government Essay Sample. I. Japanese Government Japan is a constitutional monarchy, with a hereditary emperor and a parliamentary system of government.

The present constitution was adopted on October 7, and became effective on May 3, The emperor is the ceremonial head of state with little governmental power.

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