Writing a southern drawl

Talk to your baby. The mandate stems, perhaps, from the cautionary tale of a king who decreed that no one should utter a single word to his infant son. Except that, instead, the poor little prince just gave up, withered away, and died. Writing about a Southern accent is an assignment fraught with contradictions.

Writing a southern drawl

ForeverRichonne "Rick overheard Michonne talking a while back with Maggie about how much she loved a man with a southern accent, his especially. As she put it, it was to her 'Like having a voice that wore a well-tailored uniform. Takes place roughly during the first days in Alexandria. Just a tad fluffy.

I'm sorry, but you gotta admit you're so Southern! Been there all his life and never left much, never felt the need to really.

He'd taken Lori and Carl to California on a trip to Disney Land once, that was fun, but other than that, he'd never been much out of the South.

Being that the county was quite rural and quite small, he inherited an accent and Southern drawl not surpassed by many. His voice was raspy and kind, hearing it was like drinking iced tea in the hot Georgia summer.

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It made all of his orders as leader of the group honey covered, and a little easier to do. His way of saying thangs, however, easily became Michonne's favorite way to tease him. Ever since she got a good listen at how he calls his son's name, Carl or CORRAL if you're asking himshe couldn't resist giving him a go about it.

She, living in Texas until she moved to the heart of metropolitan Atlanta at 9 years old, was somehow able to escape any sort of deep Southern twang. Beneath her teasing, she loved writing a southern drawl, and loved getting a rise out of him to talk more - to hear him more.

It never really bothered Rick as much as he said it did, which they had a quiet understanding that that was the case, or else Michonne wouldn't prod. He just loved the chance at playful banter, and a little flirting with Michonne. He'd overheard her talking a while back with Maggie about how much she loved a man with a southern accent, Rick's especially.

As she put it, it was to her "Like having a voice that wore a well-tailored uniform. Her way of talking charmed him as well; the lovely patter of her speech, ever curious, clear, and direct and the lovely words that her speech was made of, Rick enjoyed very much. Since they've been in Alexandria, they've had more chances to talk about trivial matters.

Things like accents, and where people grew up, and how they grew up. They noticed that there wasn't as much of a sting there when the survivors talked of their younger years than if they talked about the immediate past.

Not talking or speaking about life right before the walkers came was unwritten rule. Now the both of them were sitting around the kitchen table in their home, just getting back from their rounds as constables.

It doesn't matter what it is. It could be a strawberry soda in your hand. Don't matter, it's just Coke. Michonne's head rolls back onto the chair and she bears hard against it, letting out a shrill laugh she exhales " Wow, I knew it! I'll admit, it's kinda cute.

Rick is a little speechless as he soaks in her laugh, looking defeated, but really trying to soak in Michonne enjoying herself. It's been one of his prime delights as of late.

An idea rolls into his head and he turns a little closer to her. Collecting herself, she obliges. She's had a couple of shots tonight, she'll let him have his fun, "Go on ahead. Repeating as she's in a spelling bee but the letters never come out. Slyly he suggests the next word, thumb to his mouth, "Rick.

Rick was always trying to gauge where he was with Michonne.

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Maybe since they were seemingly safer behind these walls, she'd be willing to try with him. Catching her hesitation, Rick's voice, which at first was gracious and honeyed, turned smoky and racy as he reiterated "Say my name Ricks eyes open expectantly, like a teacher asking a question the student knows they answer to.

Tongue to teeth, Michonne flirtily grins, head tilted and mimics, "Rick.

writing a southern drawl

Sipping her soda, she saunters away to begin preparations for the next day, relishing in the static an tension created by their exchange. Rick, jaw unhinging in amusement, before her door closes, in the most hyperbolic Southern twang he chimes, "Well I'll be blessed.

I'm always interested in accents and speech and thinking about their differences in speech was a really cool exercise.Home» Uncategorized» Trying to Write the Southern Accent.

Trying to Write the Southern Accent. Author in writing workshops I often see people trying to write Southern accents, as if a character living below the Mason-Dixie line still necessitates a phonetic dialogue guide for readers. my relatives, or the Bubba who used to live.

Post questions/discussion starters on writing related subjects. Check out our wiki and FAQ. Phonetic Spelling in a Southern Accent She said cutely, her thick southern accent slowing her words with a seductive drawl. "I threw some new tires on my truck." He said, tipping his hat backwards as he scratched absently at his forehead.

Dialect differences among English speakers are widely recognized – for example, a Boston accent or a Southern drawl. There is ample evidence that listeners make stereotyped judgments about speakers of particular dialects.

Jeff has a sexy southern drawl to his voice. The one person who has influenced my life greatly is my husband, the first reason being because of his positive attitude, his intelligence, and the way he expresses his love.

Flannery O'Conner: Biography, Books & Writing Style. southern drawl, both of which were so bad that she hardly ever read aloud her own stories in workshop.

Writing during the social and. not a southern belle, but a southern bramble. a soprano singing the praises of music, food, and this weird little place they call the south.

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